Database Administrators:

Database administrators who are already familiar with handling large data sets,our training program will help them to extend their experience to Hadoop platform. They can switch to one of the following roles in Big Data projects:
Hadoop administrators : Hadoop administrators are similar to database administrators responsible to managaing the hadoop environment. They are responsible for
  • Install new v ersion of the hadoop cluster
  • Upgrade existing versions to new stables version of Hadoop
  • Monitoring the Hadoop components
  • Providing access to users of the environment
  • Control access based specific team requirements
  • Control the usage of Hadoop resources based user groups
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks like
  • Checking the consistency of HDFS, balancer etc.
Big Data Architect/designer in Hadoop platform : The requirements related to access patterns and the availability scalability of Hadoop solutions are very similar to systems with large databases. So it is natural that database administrators can extend their skills to provide effective solutions to the Hadoop platform. Some of the responsibilities in this role related to Hadoop platform are:
  • Create technical layout of the cluster
  • Identify data sources
  • Create a design to store the data from source systems based on access patterns
  • Create partitioning and bucketing strategy if adhoc queries are required through Hive
  • Design data flow jobs and processing components based on system requirements