MyStore Analytics Platform - Case Study

MyStore is an ecommerce retailer who sells millions of items only online. They have millions of customers. This company has been in operations for the last five years and they have collected a large amount of customer activity data. The existing analytics platform is very expensive and also not able to achieve the scale to support the rapid growth in business. So MyStore management explored other solutions and selected a Hadoop based solution for the new generation analytics platform.

The case studied during the course is focused on the design and development of this new Hadoop based analytics platform. This case study will provide you hands-on experience on the design and development of required modules in Hadoop platform. The case study will be interactive and you will gain experience in the following aspects:
  • How to collect Hadoop cluster requirements
  • How to make a case for Hadoop based platform
  • Plan and Design of a Hadoop cluster based on requirements
  • Creating Technical Architecture for the new generation Hadoop based platform
  • Designing storage structure on HDFS based on projected data growth and access patterns
  • Designing and developing several MapReduce programs to generate business friendly reports from the new generation platform
  • Developing queries in Hive and Pig platform to support ad-hoc reporting requirements
  • Best practices