Hands-on Experience

Hadoop Boot Camp is very focused on building proficiency on hands-on experience. All our instructors have more than 20 years of experience in building complex IT systems. They have implemented Hadoop solutions in several leading corporations in Chicago area, so the training material and curriculum is designed based on the actual application needs

Lab Work:

We provide 18 days of lab access, three days per week lab access. The lab is available remotely, so you can work when it is convenient. All our lab works are created from our experience in real Hadoop based projects. It will give an opportunity to work with several terrabytes of data.

Lab Data Size:

Hadoop is a big data platform, so there is no use if the lab work does not use terrabytes of data. Our lab work includes several terra bytes of data, and it will mimic the real needs from the application domain.

Unix commands:

Most of the companies use hardware with some flavor of unix operating system. It is important to know some of the commonly used Unix commands to work effectively in the Hadoop platform. Our training program will give enough exposure on the commands that helps you to deal with large files.

Access to a real cluster:

We provide access to a real cluster instead of a virtual set-up on desktop. We strongly believe that working on Hadoop on standalone is totally different from a fully distributed cluster. Working on a fully distributed Hadoop cluster will give a more enriching experience.

Case Study - MyStore Analytics Platform:

The case studied during the course is focused on the design and development of this new Hadoop based analytics platform. This case study will provide you hands-on experience on the design and development of required modules in Hadoop platform. More details of case study.