What is Hadoop ?


Hadoop is an Apache open source framework that supports large scale data intensive distributed applications. It provides a relatively inexpensive and effective solution to handle large data sets. Almost all major employers in Chicago area are looking for candidates with Hadoop related technologies. Reference

Who can take this course ?

Answer: This course is intended to make you proficient in Hadoop related technologies. The course is recommended if you want to gain hands-on experience in Big Data technologies. It will provide you a strong foundation to participate in Big Data field, one of the fastest growing fields in IT today.

What is the prerequisite to attend this course?

Answer: Hadoop is an open source framework and most of the components are developed in Java, familiarity with Java programming language is required. The instructor will lead detailed discussions before each lab work, so you understand and implement lab work even if you are a novice Java programmer.

Do I need to need to know Java to learn Hadoop ?

Answer: No. Hadoop supports interfaces in most of the programming languages, so you can build your system without knowing Java. Hive and Pig are some of the widely used tools in Hadoop ecosystem and it does not requires Java programming language

How can I attend this course if I live in downtown Chicago?

Answer: We provide free transportation from the nearest Metra station, you can commute by train to attend the course.

What is extended support?

Answer: We provide you assistance if you face any technical challenges with Hadoop at work. We can help you by reviewing your design, and we can provide you guidelines regarding implementation. We will also mentor you if you want to prepare for interview.