We Provide Extended Support

Our unique extended support helps you get more value from your training investment. Hadoop platform consists of several components, and you may need additional help when you actually use Hadoop in a real project. Our staff will provide you mentoring and support in the following ways:
  • Design Review:

  • Our experienced staff will review your system design and provide you constructive feedback. You can leverage our service to select tools and solutions from Hadoop platform without any vendor bias. We help you with the design of:

    • Data storage on HDFS to support your specific access patterns efficiently

    • Integration of Hadoop platform with existing systems

    • End-to-End data flow

  • Implementation guidelines:

  • We can provide you guidelines on how to implement the Hadoop solution based on the specific domain and existing systems in your company. Hadoop provides several API to access data, but it is important to select the right API based on your system context. We can provide guidelines on API usage and help you complete the system development without any performance issues.

  • Performance tuning:

  • Hadoop platform consists of several components like NameNode, DataNode, Task Tracker,Job Tracker, Secondary Name node etc. Each of the component requires tuning based on your system characteristics and data size.

  • Cluster planning :

  • We can help you to identify cluster requirements and also help you design the system with enough capacity to host and run all jobs required in yoru system.