Affordable Fee

Hadoop Boot Camp is an all-in-one training program. Hadoop Boot Camp includes training on the following topics:

  • HDFS

  • MapReduce

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Hive and Pig

We offer extended support (link to extended support) even after the training. This is our unique offer, none of our competitors provide extended. Hadoop is a complex platform. It is not possible to learn all aspects of Hadoop in one training program, so you can receive help and guidance from our staff through extended support period when you actually implement Hadoop based solutions.

Price Comparison

FeatureCompetitors (Cloudera, Hortonworks) Hadoop Boot Camp
Support after trainingNoneYes, you can contact our staff for limited time if you face any challenges during design or implementation.
Number of contact classes 3, or 2 based topic6 days of full contact classes
Number of lab days Limited18 days with remote access
Flexibility Only on weekdays Weekends
Extended Support None. You are on your own when you face challenges Yes
Help with interview preparation NoneYes, we will help you with resume and interview preparation.
Affordability It is expensive. Each course on Pig, Hive and Hadoop is more than $2500. The total for all the topics is more than $6000 Total fee is only $2000. We provide a $500 introductory discount